Overtime, sick time, family leave, hiring, termination...this list of employment issues goes on and on. Does federal labor law apply? or state? or local? Where do you turn for these answers?

HRToDo is a great place to start. From our Employee Handbook Generator to our forms, policies and checklist library, you have the answer easily at hand. Not sure where to start? Forget the other HR "Libraries". HR On-Demand provides the proper tools and the help that you need to create and maintain a Human Resource system that will fit the needs for your business and employees now and for years to come. Our HR Consultants are available to help you, whether it's a pressing question on how to handle an employment situation, to customizing your handbook to listening to your concerns and providing you with the help you need to maintain your workforce, whether just one employee or one thousand.

Need more help? We can keep you on track with our HR Compliance Services. Start with a review of your current HR system. An orientation web meeting with your assigned HR Consultant provides you the results of the HR Review. Receive monthly outbound calls customized to your system to bring you in compliance and maintain and update your HR procedures. With other exclusive benefits, this provides incredible value at a low montly subscription!

Don't wait! Contact us today and see how HRToDo can help you get your Human Resource policies and procedures in order so you can spend your time more effectively.